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SKU: 42035 / CC00728 Part Number: AURVRC500
Restores original surface colour and provides a clear protective coating to dashboards and other interior plastic and rubber components.
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Vinyl & Rubber Care is also excellent at transforming your engine. After cleaning with Engine & Machine Cleaner, spray over a wet engine and leave to dry.

Pro Tip: Apply to your rubber door seals in freezing weather to prevent sticking.

• Gently cleans
• Restores and protects
• High or low sheen finish

How to Use:
1.Shake well and apply to clean interior plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces. Do not apply to any driving controls, steering wheels, pedals or floor mats. For hard to reach areas, spray directly onto a cloth or Perfect Polish Applicator to avoid overspray.

2.For a high sheen apply generously, allow to dry and buff lightly with a microfibre cloth. For a low sheen apply sparingly and immediately remove excess with a microfibre cloth.