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SKU: 41987 / CC00473 Part Number: AURSRP325
A legend in the world of car care, used to remove minor scuffs and scratches and to restore gloss to all types of paintwork.
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Super Resin Polish restores gloss to dull surfaces. Light scratches, swirls, stains and scuffs vanish leaving your paintwork like new. It is suitable for all types and colours of paint. It is simple to use and will never dry hard or become difficult to remove.

Super Resin Polish is a legend in the world of car care and you will find a bottle on the shelf in any true car enthusiast’s garage.

• Removes swirl marks, minor scuffs & scratches
• Restores gloss to all types of paintwork
• Use every few months as needed to maintain a superb shine.

How to Use:
1.Wash and dry the paintwork.

2.Shake well and pour a small amount onto a polish applicator.

3.Apply a thin layer to the paintwork in overlapping circles to ensure even coverage. Increase pressure over any marks, scratches or dull patches. Allow to dry. Do not apply to unpainted rubber or plastic trim.

4.Buff with a Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth.