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SKU: 42049 / CC00642 Part Number: AURIS500
Quickly and easily removes stubborn stains from all interior fabrics and surfaces.
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A spotless interior is as important as perfect paintwork. Getting in a clean car not only feels great, but it helps focus you on the drive ahead.

Interior Shampoo is suitable for all of interior fabrics and hard surfaces, including leather (though never apply the cleaner directly to leather; apply to a cloth and then to the leather instead).
Your mats, doors, headlining, dashboard, steering wheel, switches, pedals, handles and stalks can all be cleaned with this safe, easy to use shampoo.

• Safe and easy to use
• Clean fragrance
• Quickly removes built-up dirt and grime.

How to Use:
1. Vacuum the interior thoroughly.

2. For hard surfaces simply spray on and wipe off. To remove oil, ink or pen marks, use Intensive Tar Remover.

3. For fabric surfaces spray lightly and agitate with a clean cloth or firm sponge, rinsing frequently in water. Finish by wiping over with a Microfibre Cloth.